Saturday, March 14, 2015

Fort Bend County Drug Attorney Andy Nolen: 6 Things About Ft Bend County Drug Cases

Fort Bend County Drug Attorney
The United States in engaged in a War on Drugs or more truthfully described as a war on people who do harmful drugs and Texas is leading the charge. If you have been charged with possession of harmful drugs or manufacture of a controlled drug, or intent to supply, there are 6 things Fort Bend County Drug Lawyer Andy Nolen thinks you should know:

1. A drug sentence in Texas will result in the loss of your drivers permit. That will then add surcharges and reinstatement fees that can run over $1000. You will also have to take the Drug Offender Education Program (D.O.E.P.).

This class is for individuals who have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony drug criminal offense. This class will satisfy the condition for education because of a revoked driver’s license. The standard course is 15 hours in duration taught in three-hour pieces.

2. A sentence for drugs can result in your losing eligibility for certain types of federal financial assistance for higher education. Some schools may discharge you if the drug offense was committed on the school premises. So not only can you lose your drivers permit, you may also lose your education.

3. If you have been charged with a drug criminal offense, it is almost a guarantee that you will be tested for drugs at some point. That may be while your on bond and even the very first time you go to the courtroom. Marijuana can stay in your system for up to 6 weeks. Products manufactured to beat the system do not succeed, so don’t rely on them. Don’t do drugs of any kind while on bond or you risk having your bond rescinded and going to jail. Also, you now appear to be an active drug user to the judge making your case more problematic.

4. Drug residue such as microscopic amounts in a water pipe or plastic bag is a felony if it is a controlled drug. Marijuana must be a usable quantity to be a criminal offense.

5. The most well-known ways illegal drug cases are defeated are either that there was an Unlawful Search and Seizure or that there was insufficiency of Affirmative Links between a accused and the drugs. If the investigation was bad, the evidence can be suppressed. Affirmative Links arguments are instances like when there are 4 people in a car or truck and the state can’t substantiate the drugs belonged to any particular man or woman. Also referred to as, it was the other guy not me.

Fort Bend County Drug Attorney Andy Nolen has used both of these approaches to have felony and misdemeanor illegal drug cases dismissed.

6. The State must also prove that the drugs were in fact drugs. Insisting that the “harmful drugs” in question were in fact harmful drugs can in some cases get a case dismissed.

Fort Bend County Drug Attorney Andy Nolen a short while ago had a felony possession of a controlled substances charge dismissed subsequent to demanding the state to test the “x pill”. Turned out, it wasn’t ecstasy at all and the case was dismissed. The pleased client had a very unhappy brother who was also charged with the same thing but had a court appointed attorney who plead him guilty and he is now on 4 years felony probation for nothing! If he violates his probation, they won’t reevaluate the evidence in his case, they will revoke him and incarcerate him.

  Andy Nolen has practiced law for 20 years and has represented over 3000 people and had 100s of cases dismissed. He has effectively helped men and women with all types of drug cases from possession of illegal drug paraphernalia to multi kilo cocaine case. Please call Fort Bend County Drug Attorney Andy Nolen to discuss your case for free at 832-480-8951.